Entry 1 - 你好

This blog is going to be an experiment and (hopefully) a learning tool for myself. About two and a half years ago I took my first mandarin class at N.Y.U. I took three semesters of classes there, from early 2012 to mid 2013, but never really applied myself. Since then, I've stopped taking formal classes altogether and my mandarin studying has been made up of mostly Chinesepod and Skritter - but very inconsistently. 

My plan for this blog is to not type in English much, and to only use Traditional Chinese characters. I'm going to start including the pinyin, but it's very hard to type on a keyboard so we'll see how long that lasts. If all goes as planned, I can look back as I progress and realize that at one point I was writing like a kindergartener. Let's begin!


Dàjiā hǎo! Wǒ jiào Dan. Jīntiān wǒ bù shuō Zhōngwén. Wǒ shì Měiguó rén hé zhù zài Niǔyuē. Xìa gè yuè wǒ huì zhù zài Táiběi. Wǒ de wèihūnfū shì Eling. Wǒ aì tā. 

Hello everyone! My name is Dan. Today I do not speak Chinese. I am American and I live in New York City. Next month I will live in Taipei. My fiance is Eling. I love her.