Philadelphia for President's Day 2014

February. The harshest month of winter. The time of year when getting out of bed can be unbearable and just walking outside is painful. So, where do Eling and I go to escape?? Philadelphia!!


To be honest, the point of the trip wasn't to escape the cold. More so to just get a change of pace for the weekend. Seeing that it was President's Day weekend we figured that we would go somewhere "patriotic." A quick hour and half ride on the Amtrak and we found ourselves in Philadelphia.

We also found ourselves in the presence of vast amounts of delicious food...mostly meat based. Reading Terminal market was fantastic. After doing a lap around the entire place we ended up getting sandwiches at a corned beef and pastrami spot. 

Eling and Yeungling

The best dinner of our trip came from a BYOB restaurant that I can't remember the name of. The only thing I can remember is the dish of foie gras over banana bread (!!). The funniest part of that dinner was definitely the BYOB part. As naive New Yorkers we assumed that liquor stores are on every corner and open at all hours of the night everywhere, right? We can just walk a few feet and find a bottle of wine anywhere? Not on Sunday night in Pennsylvania... After frantic Yelp-ing we eventually discovered a bar that sells 6-packs of Yeungling. Cans. Let's just say cracking open a can of beer in a white table clothe restaurant where everyone else in the place has a bottle of red on the table makes for a memorable dinner.

Our last culinary adventure of the weekend was obligatory cheesesteaks from Steve's. I've never seen the draw of one cheesesteak over another (don't they all use the same cheese wiz??), but I can confidently call Steve's cheesesteak very delicious. 

In between eating we also did some historical site-seeing - Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. But did I mention the foie gras over banana bread?